"Comparisons with Steely Dan are thrown about on a regular basis but Mount Pressmore have a greater claim than most since not only do the Austin, Texas act favour complex, jazz-flavoured arrangements but they have a frontman who is blessed with a similar, precise and rasping delivery to Donald Fagen... Their songs may be carefully constructed but they give indie jazz rock a very good name." - Jonathan Leonard

"Mount Pressmore show off their musical and mathematical prowess with their new album 'Enjoy.' The band is able to creatively write catchy songs without compromising their musical integrity. Every track is filled with rich melody and beautiful instrumentation. The single 'Trampoline' is a highlight on the album, but the musical diversity combined with the group’s strong songwriting skills makes it difficult to choose a favorite." - Brandon Callies

"Rest easy Prog rock enthusiasts; Mount Pressmore is here to keep the artsy, jazz-fusion genre alive and experimental in Austin... Listen to their epic single, ‘Trampoline’, for a very Yes-like symphonic masterpiece matched with some very David Byrne-esque vocals." - Jodi Lang

"Enjoy is a reputable debut, created by someone who knows how to carefully arrange tracks, and Mount Pressmore have the potential to go far. The record has an ideal amount of technicality and accessibility." - Claudia Morello

"Already being compared to Frank Zappa, Steely Dan and Peter Gabriel, the 'chop-pop' of Austin’s Mount Pressmore is just that: addictive earworms played with the utmost technical proficiency. Talking Heads is another touchstone, and that band’s more intricate moments and visual style can be felt in the video for 'Trampoline' from the just-released Mount Pressmore debut album 'Enjoy.'" - Benjamin Ricci

"The quartet (local songstress Erin Ivey also joined on backing vocals) recorded the album’s 10 tracks in a speedy three days, but you’d never know it. Take “Trampoline,” for instance. It’s virtuosic, but it feels familiar. Zappa fans will hear a little bit of Frank in the song’s genetic makeup–especially in Shaw’s (pardon the pun) bouncy keyboard work and expressive croon." - Paul Carrubba

"Mount Pressmore’s sound defies categorization. 21st century indie rock rarely conjures Perry Como but his silken tones are there along with sly purloining from jazz and Broadway. There’s a feeling to “Enjoy” that the listening point of its peak encompasses much of the entire American songbook." - Doug Hill

"Bendable tendrils of angular jazz-funk weave collegiate teasers into high-minded jams as, “Enjoy,” lays jaw-dropping chops wound around sophisticated art-rock romps; untraceable mazes mediating steamy impulses, wiry struts and cavalier cool while existential narratives navigate among howling counsel." - John Noyd

"Despite such proficiency (these multifarious backing tracks were recorded live), their jazz-juiced convolution is gentle, not orotund. Pretzel Logic redux?" - Jack Rabid

"'This is as close as we get to a pop song,' says Thomas Shaw of the Austin-based band Mount Pressmore. It’s called 'Trampoline' and it hails from the Texas jazz-rock savants—who’ve been called 'an indie rock Steely Dan' by more than one pundit, and with good reason—and their December 3 long-playing debut Enjoy." - Fred Mills